Sushi Zanmai @ Avenue K, KL

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We went to Avenue K after walked around in KLCC. The building is connected underground with KLCC, which is more convenient for walkers. We decided to dine-in at Sushi Zanmai after browsed through the floors plan.
Sushi Zanmai is located beside Tokyo Pastry. We were welcomed by one of their staff and guided us to our table.

As we know, Sushi Zanmai will be fully seated all the time regardless of venue. I queued with sisters for quite some time before got our seats at Sushi Zanmai, Low Yat (long queue). However, it was not fully seated at that moment since it’s still new, not lunch time or weekends. This allowed us to enjoy our food without rushing to finish it.

I noticed that majority of the staff are Chinese or local. Their services were so good.
The problem was the dishes came out one by one and after sometimes. I personally prefer all dishes comes at a time, or don’t need to wait for so long (like 5 to 10minutes).

Chicken Katsu Curry (small) RM 11.80
The non-spicy Japanese curry sauce topped on fried chicken with rice. The sauce was concentrated and sweet, not like the curry we had in normal restaurant in Malaysia, which is watery and spicy.

I personally love this dish where the fried chicken was tender and flavorful. I also added Japanese chili flakes which were provided on the dining table. For those who love curry but can’t bear with the spiciness, try this! *recommended*

Spicy Niku Ramen スパイシー肉ラーメン RM 13.80
Ramen filled with spicy soup and slices of beef, boiled egg, seaweed and vegetables in a bowl. The spiciness of soup was just right and the beef was very tender and juicy. *recommended*

Agedashi Tofu 揚出し豆腐 RM 6.80
The tofu was soft, firm and flavorful. The outer layer of tofu seems like a little fluffy once soaked too long in the sauce. The flavor of the sauce was just right.

I personally love tofu so much!

Salmon Sushi サーモン RM 3.80
Fresh cut salmon topped on vinegar rice and wrapped with seaweed. The salmon was so fresh and thick.

Salmon Peach サーモンピーチ RM 3.80
It is another version of fresh cut salmon. Aroma of the peach indulged into the fresh cut salmon. However, I still personally prefer ‘pure’ salmon.

Avocado Tobikko Sushi アボカドトビ子 RM 2.80
Fresh cut avocado is wrapped with rice and topped with flying fish roe. It is a simple dish to start off.

Tamago Mentai 玉子明太子 RM 2.80
It is a simple dish where omelet roasted with cod roe. The omelet served was just nice and the cod roe tasted flavorful.

Chuka Wakame 中華わかめ RM 2.80
Japanese seasoned seaweed topped on vinegar rice and wrapped with crispy dried seaweed. It is one of my favorite dishes. Somehow it tasted like fishy sometimes. *recommended*

Kani Corn カニコーン RM 1.80
Simple dish with fresh crab meat and corn, and then topped on vinegar rice.

Business Hours: 10am - 10pm
Address: Lot M-19, Mezzanine Floor, Avenue K, 156, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +603 2181 8810 / 012 225 1200
Wifi: Yes

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