Tappers Cafe, PV128, Genting Klang

Sunday, July 28, 2013
We've been decided to visit there for sometimes, and here we go, Tappers Cafe!!
Their restaurant's theme is WHITE!! >.<
I heard from my friend that some of the dishes are delicious. So I ordered it to fulfill my curiosity.
There even have chef's recommendedbreakfast set and lunch set too!! It's not only western food, but there do serve varieties of food such as rice, spaghetti, and side dishes.

Outside of Tappers Cafe

The theme : WHITE 

It has few branches too! =)

Main Dishes
Chicken Parmigiana RM 13.90
The mozzarella and parmesan cheese are melted over breaded chicken in spaghetti tomato sauce and served with coleslaw and chips.
I can say that it's just a normal dish. It taste like pizza, but not really impressive. The chips are served hot, and the amount of mayonnaise in coleslaw is just right and it's one of their new dishes.

Chicken Schnitzel RM 12.50
It is spaghetti in tomato sauce served with deep fried breaded chicken.. The tomato sauce isn't concentrated at all. It just tasted like a tomato sauce mixed with water. But the fried chicken is not bad. Conclusion, it doesn't up to expectation after all. ><

Omelette Cheese Rm 4.10
The amount of cheese is not enough at all!! What I can taste is omelette with butter. There's insufficient of CHEESE, yet it cost us RM 4.10  ==" Definitely not worth it..

Honey Lemon RM 4.1 and Drinking Water RM 0.50

AND, there's no tax if show STUDENT ID to them! =) Definitely a great idea to attract student's attention.

You may pay a visit to there.
Business Hours:
Monday to Sunday, 10am-12am
GM-26, PV128,
Jalan Genting Kelang,
Setapak 53300, Kuala Lumpur.
03 4144 2229

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