Gourmet Hotdog Cafe @ PV128

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Recently found a new shop operated around Genting Klang..  Before that, I saw few pictures of hotdogs.. It's not like usual hotdogs, but those meat and ingredients are mixed together and served with bread and side dishes.. I wonder how does it taste like.. There's my curiosity begin >_<!!

Smash the burger @ Smashies Burger, Genting Klang

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
"Let's Smash Your Day with Smashies!"

I'd went to visit Smashies Burger when I saw the deals at Living Social. It's currently having promotion : RM24 cash voucher for food and drinks at RM13 !! Groupon is currently having promotion for it too. Without hesitation, I'd bought it because of my curiosity to know what's the unique about it.
The moment we reached there, there is a 'big refrigerator' featuring those ice-cream at the side entrance of the shop!! It simply captivated my attention.