Sushi Flash @ SS15 Subang Jaya (Food Review)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Eat Like A Boss"

This is their tagline of the shop. Pretty interesting, isn't it?

I had received an invitation for food review from one of the co-founder of the business, Jess, from the previous week.
Know what, I’m a big fan of Japanese food, Sushi!!
I was very happy that I had got invited to review about it and people do really read my blog. *happy*
And, today I had visited to here (like finally!! :) )

Sushi Flash is a new Japanese restaurant which started in March 2013 and mainly focuses on serving sushi on conveyor belt.

It is located same row with McDonald and beside Face-to-Face Noodle House 面对面. There are colleges and housing areas around and I heard that usually fully seats during weekdays. It is indeed a strategic location to eat Japanese food whenever you feel like it.

One of their staffs welcomed and served us. He introduced us their BEST SELLERS at there.
When we browsed through the menu, surprisingly, all of the sushi cost RM 2 and RM 3 only (FIXED price)!!

This included SALMON (OMG! Where to find this price of sushi??!) and they do have many varieties of sushi, sashimi, handroll, maki, gunkan, and sets (donburi and udon) with this pricing EXCEPT some really expensive dishes such as Unagi (different from Anago) and sea urchin.


Kenny, one the branch manager came and welcomed us too. He was indeed a friendly person. Basically we talked about FOOD for more than an hour! :)
Frankly speaking, their staffs are really friendly, and good in speaking English too! *thumbs up*

Price of the sushi is clearly stated at there.
Beige coloured plate RM 2
Red / Black RM 3
Unlimited refill of green tea RM 2 (hot/cold)

Let’s back to the FOOD topics.

Salmon Sashimi RM 3
Raw salmon with shredded cucumber. The salmon was all the way from Norway! The salmon is best to eat with wasabi and soy sauce. Then only we are able to taste the original aroma of the fresh salmon. *yum~*
 It is definitely a Must-Eat dish at there, cheap and affordable. *recommended*

Salmon Nigiri RM 2
Raw salmon served with vinegar rice. It was very fresh too. Who doesn’t love affordable salmon at RM 2?? *recommended*
I Love Salmon!!

Aburi Salmon Mentaiko Nigiri RM 3
Roasted salmon topped with generous amount of shrimp roe on vinegar rice. I personally love this mentaiko sauce (shrimp roe) at here where other shop usually will serve less sauce on it. *recommended*

Aburi Tamago Mayo Nigiri
Roasted fresh omelette topped with mayo on vinegar rice. I usually do not like tamago, but surprisingly I love this dish at here! The taste of egg and mayo combined perfectly where you will feel like eating another piece. *recommended*

Lemon Ebikko Gunkan RM 2
Shrimp roe mixed with lemon sauce on vinegar rice and wrapped with crispy seaweed.
Know what, the moment I ate it, it tasted like orange sauce, something like orange jam with shrimp roe bursting in it. This is the FIRST TIME I ate something unique in Japanese cuisine. *have-a-try*

P/S: maybe soon they may create something unique again, like Fruits Ebikko? Sambal Ebikko? XO Sauce with Ebikko? Shishamo with Ebikko? Too much ideas from me.

Chuka Idako (Baby Octopus) Gunkan RM 2
Seasoned baby octopus on vinegar rice wrapped with crispy seaweed. The baby octopus was big in size, and really chewy and juicy. The seasoning of the sauce was just right too.

Shrimp Salad RM 3
It tasted like dried squid the moment I ate it. For those who love to eat squid or sotong, try this! *recommended to squid lover*

Age Maki
It is fried crabstick and tamago wrapped in a cylinder-shape of vinegar rice, topped with shrimp roe and mayo.

Tuna Mayo Inari
Generous amount of tuna mayo, shredded cucumber and vinegar rice contained in a sweet bean curd skin.

SoftShell Crab Handroll RM 3
Deep fried soft shell crab, shredded cucumber and shrimp roe on vinegar rice, and wrapped into a cone-shape by using crispy seaweed. The soft shell crab was crispy and flavorful.
Seriously, where can we find this fresh and crispy hand roll at this price??

Deep Fried Shishamo RM 3
It is deep fried willow leaf fish, which also known as ‘pregnant fish’. It was crispy at the outer layer, and flavorful in the inner piece of meat.

Golden Egg
An egg is deep fried and cut by half, topped with shredded crabstick and mayonnaise.
It is almost similar with Sushi King, but this is much cheaper! *recommended*

Fried Dumplings
It is a deep fried chicken dumpling with carrot and other ingredients. 
It looked different from other Japanese restaurant. I personally prefer the other type of dumpling’s skin. 

Chawanmushi RM 3
Silky smooth steamed egg with naruto (Japanese fishcake), mushroom and ginko.
It was served hot when it came. The texture of egg was just nice and brings a little sweet taste in it. A simple perfect dish to start with before other meals. *recommended*

Chuka Wakame (Seasoned Seaweed)
Seasoned seaweed served with shredded cucumber. One of my all time favorite food!! Unfortunately it tasted a little fishy.
Hopefully it will taste better next time.

Seafood Udon Set
Thick and smooth Japanese wheat noodle topped with prawn, clam, fishcake, vegetables and half boiled egg in the perfect hot miso based soup. It was served with edamame (green peas) as side dish too.
I personally love the udon where it was very smooth and nice even though it was cold when I ate it (because I was busy capturing food pictures).

Special Dish made by the Chef
This is specially made by the chef. Fried chicken is wrapped with seaweed and vinegar rice. The sauce is combination of Myanmar and Malaysian style. To be honest, it tasted like Maggie sauce with sesame. However, I still love this new dish.

They even do have delivery services within 5km radium from Sushi Flash SS15.

For those who which to eat affordable yet quality sushi, don’t hesitate to pay a visit at here as it is really worth the price and save your wallet from being injured badly. :D
They even have 2nd branch at SS2, and soon at Puchong.

Business Hours: Monday – Sunday (11am– 10pm)

Let’s show some support to them! :D

P/S: Thank you so much for letting me to review about it.

You may pay a visit to there.
Website:Sushi Flash
Facebook: Sushi Flash
Address: 66, Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya, 47500 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor (located same row with McDonald's)
Business Hours: Monday-Sunday (11am-10pm)
Phone: 03 5613 6133
Wifi: Yes
Delivery Service: Food Panda - Sushi Flash


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