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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Previously, I bought vouchers from Groupon. It costs RM 25 for RM 50. I gave it a try since I saw many people bought the vouchers (I’ll take it the food is acceptable based on first impression: lots of people bought the vouchers).

We went to there around 5pm, and the shop was CLOSED and written that they will consume the operating hours after 7pm. I was like “WHAT?!!” It written 10AM to 10PM on Groupon, and didn't state that there’s any changes in business hours.

We came back again at 7pm, and seated at one of the corner of the shop. The staffs are not able to provide menu for us till we asked them. Seriously terrible services!
Then, they said the kitchen will only start to operate at 7.30PM (again!!). We ordered our dishes and waited more than 1 hour.

7PM went to the restaurant --> kitchen starts at 7.30PM --> food served at 8PM
Free Ice-cream from the shop.

What makes me felt so disappointed and frustrated was the menu provided on Groupon is absolutely different from the shop! One of the staff told us that they do not follow the menu provided on Groupon. Basically, it was few types of chicken dishes, pasta, desserts, salad, and drinks.

This menu was provided in the restaurant on that day.

The menu provided by Groupon.
Link: Menu

Wth?! I seriously felt got cheated by purchasing the vouchers via Groupon by browsing through the NOT-UP-TO-DATE menu!

We just ordered our dishes, and waited like there’s no tomorrow.

Seafood Marinara RM 27.90
Basically the ingredients were spaghetti, tomato sauce (which tasted the same like the one that I can buy from supermarket), THREE oysters, TWO squid, and little smashed fishes.
The tomato sauce was SO SALTY!! Even I cook better than this! The amount of seafood absolutely not matched with the price I paid.

The worst pasta that I had ever ate!

Few pieces of seafood.

Margherita Pizza (V) RM 25.90
Tortilla wrap topped with tomato pasta sauce, cheese and few slices of mushrooms.
The backside of tortilla was completely burnt and the mushroom tasted awful!
Order Domino’s or Pizza Hut shop is thousands times better than here!  It was certainly not worth at all.
Luckily, we showed the 99% burnt pizza to one of the staff, and she immediately took the pizza to the kitchen and replaced us a new one, with better version.
Worst pizza that I had ever ate!

The burnt side of the pizza.

Replaced by a new one.

Better version of pizza.

Fish & Chips
Fried fish served with chips, mayonnaise and chili sauce. I can say that this was an edible dish among others. Unfortunately, the size of the fish was small.

Ribena Lychee RM 7.90
DO NOT EVER, I repeat, DO NOT EVER order this! Just a simple ribena drink with few pieces of lychee (specifically, 2 pieces) and I need to pay RM 7.90??!

I personally think that it was not worth the price either as you can eat at other shop with better food and services.

One of the worst restaurants that I had ever dined in!!

Friendly reminder (to my readers and myself), please check review of the restaurants that you want to dine in before it is too late or purchase any vouchers from any sites.

FacebookMap | Menu (eat at your own risk)

Address: D3-G3-1, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1 (Publika Shopping Gallery) Kuala Lumpur 50480 
Phone: 03 6211 7411 / 017 522 7345


  1. i am really surprised this restaurant can sell tons of vouchers and cheating customer there with overprice and worst change their menu. I thought that happen to me when it was the Mother's day celebration and this prove that their service is really sucks..did you get refund? i will not pay a single cent to them!..the pizza looks terrible

    1. Hi! :) yeup, and heard that it closed for renovation now. ><

  2. I got see other complaint for they will serve non coupon customer first. Should complaint to groupon about this. At first i also want to buy but saw lot of complaint so just forget it. Tqvm