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Groupon: 15%OFF storewide!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

家好月圆火锅屋 Love Home Steamboat House | PV128

As usual, I really do love steamboat. So, we decided to give it a try since there was deal on Groupon for Love Home Steamboat with half price offer!
The shop is located at PV128, behind row and beside Tappers. Setapak people definitely know this place especially. No worries about parking as there are plenty of it.

Operating Hours
Monday To Sunday
12pm-3pm & 5pm-11pm

It is just a normal ambiance with fully equipped tables. They provide two types of stove, individual or one big pot shares with few people.
We chose a big pot since not sharing with other friends.       

They are varieties of sauce available for us such as chopped garlic, chili, parsley and etc.

I Love Raw Garlic.

Each set of steamboat meal definitely comes along with ONE YEE MEE and ONE EGG.
It is definitely incomplete without EGG (one of my MUST-HAVE ingredient for steamboat).

There are few types of COMPLIMENTARY soup, and we chose Tomyam Soup and Clear Soup. I personally think that the tom yam soup was quite bland and not spicy, so do the clear soup. It was not really my ideal soup.

Clear Soup | 清汤 (complimentary) & Tomyam Soup | 东炎汤 (complimentary)

Back to steamboat set, they do offer various choices from veggie to seafood with reasonable price and BIG PORTION.

Premium Set RM 16.50
It consist dumplings, squid, fish balls, meat balls, shrimp, tau fu, “fu zuk”, various types of veggie and etc. It was definitely worth the price as they served really big portion of ingredients when compared to other restaurants. To be honest, the dumpling was delicious and fully filled with generous meat and other ingredients as well. *recommended*

Seafood Set | 海鲜套餐 RM 18.90
It included various types of seafood such as clams, oysters, shrimp, slices of fish and crabmeat, ‘fu zuk’, various types of veggie and etc. I would say that this was worth the price as well. *recommended*

Lamb Slice | 羊肉片 RM 10.90
Fresh and thick slices of meat served. This was an additional ordered which written in the menu. Besides, they do serve other types of meat as well. However, I still love beef meat.

Homemade Pork Meatball | 手打猪肉丸 RM 8.90
It was made with generous amount of pork meat with mixture of ingredients in it. *recommended*


Peach & Passion Fruit Tea | 水蜜百香茶 RM 3.00 & Ice Tea | 雪茶RM 0.80
They used Ahmad Tea: Peach & Passion Fruit. I love the strong fragrant smell of peach. It can easily get from supermarket and...I bought it!

Overall, I do love their steamboat set meal portion, but not when comes to their soup base. Perhaps, they should improve on it in order get a long lasting business, as good soup base is one of the key to attract customers like us.

Besides, they do offer set lunch and students entitle to get 10% when show their ‘student ID card’!!

I will definitely come back for this again! *thumbs up*

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Address: G27, PV128, Jalam Genting Klang, 53100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03 4144 3266


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