Primo's Cafe @ StarParc Point

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Recently, Primo’s Café is having deals in Groupon!!
It offers RM 18 for RM 30 & RM 30 for RM 50. Without hesitation, we decided to purchase RM 30 for RM 50. It is like 40% discounts!!

It is just located next to Movida at StarParc Point. It is easy to find parking too.

 The Menu

We were served when we stepped into the shop. One of the staff presented the menu and explained to us their shop’s specialty.
The service at there is good! *thumbs up* The staff are friendly.

There do offer breakfast set even though it was already evening. I can say that it’s cheaper than the others like Antipodean and Three Little Pigs & TheBig Bad Wolf.
Without hesitation, we ordered few dishes.

The Gentleman’s Breakfast RM 11.90
It was served in a big portion where consists of toast bread, ham, backed beans, scrambled egg, grilled tomatoes, pork sausage and hash browns. I personally love the scrambled egg where it gave us a bit cheesy flavour and well-cooked. *recommended*

Bacon Mushroom & Cheese Burger RM 14.90
It consists of chicken patty with cucumber, lettuce, cheesy mushroom and bacon. It has French fried as side dish too.  I love the cheesy mushroom! It was cheesy enough and made me can’t stop eating it. It was big in portion too.

Banana Smoothies RM 9.60
It was rich in banana flavour and the cream was unique. I love the cream where it tasted like milk, not like other shops which serve different cream and I don’t like it. *recommended*

Peach + Apricot Ice Tea RM 8.00
A good drinks to ease out thirst during hot day.

They are having contest now. Just follow simple steps, and you might win a prize from them!
Just ‘Capture’ and ‘Share’ your pictures at Instagram and hashtag #iloveprimos .

Hurry up !!

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I will definitely pay a visit again!


Address: E-01-01, StarParc Point, Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03 4141 6183
Wi-Fi: Yes



  1. hi there..i also just try it yesterday and the food is good with large portion

    1. Sorry for the late reply :) yeup, the portions are always large and yummy! XD btw, thanks for dropping by.

  2. Is there any indoor basement parking for visitor?