Hao Xiong Di / 好兄弟 Korean Restaurant @ Wangsa Maju

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Recently, I've found another Korean restaurant around Setapak!!

好兄弟 Korean restaurant

It's located opposite of Chatime and Burger Bar at Wangsa Maju >_<!!
The ambiance at there is quite good, and they even show past K-Pop shows at the LCD either with Running Man, Music Bank and etc.. All of there related to K-POP world!! 

There's LCD screen in it!!

Banner outside the shop.. *Korean Food*

I'm very impressed with their boss, as he does most of the things such as clean the tables and serve those dishes..
He even did serve us politely with a smile.. =)
As we browsed via the menu, the pricing is definitely reasonable.. Some of the dishes are cheaper than Bee Won in KL Festival City!
After browsed via the menu, we had ordered several dishes. 

Rice & Soup

Budae Jjigae RM 26
The pot is fulled with mixed meat and vegetables stew.. It is served for 2 pax and there's additional 1 bowl of rice too! The taste is just right and I love the thick soup.. The remaining of the soup can be eaten with rice.. ^_^

Sundubu Soup RM 12
It is spicy soup boiled with toufu and pork, seafood and rice.. I personally love this dish as there's lots of toufu!! and I LOVE TOUFU!

Egg Kimchi Fried Rice RM 11
Fried rice with kimchi and fried egg..It is not just a normal fried rice but the aroma of kimchi is covered fully without feeling revolted.. *recommended*

Kimchi Fried Rice RM 10
This is another version of kimchi fried rice, but on the hot grill.. 


Chulpan Bulgogi RM 15
Beef fried on the hot grill with assorted vegetables and glass noodles.. The tender of the beef and sweetness in it is just right. Definitely love this dish too!! *recommended for beef-lover* #beeflover

Cheese Buldak RM 15
Spicy chicken with cheese served on a hot grill.. The spiciness in it is just right, not too spicy.. But it's definitely not spicy to me at all because I love spicy! >_<!! The generous amount of cheese and chicken makes me wants to order it again.. #cheeselover

Samgyeobsar RM 15
Slices of pork belly meat are grilled and served on the hot grill.. It has few side dishes along to be eaten together..
I personally prefer vegetables wrapped with garlic, unique sauce and meat in it.. *more garlic please*


Seafood Ramen Rm 12
Noodles served with seafood (squid and shrimps), onions and chili.. 
I personally think that this noodles is just normal dish where I can cook by myself by using korean instant noodles..

Dumpling Ramen RM 13
Noodles served with dumplings..
I personally feels that the soup is not up to expectation where it is quite unimpressed..

Side Dishes

Seafood Vegetbale Pan Cake RM 12
Seafood (squid) with powder mix and grilled.. This dish is a complimentary from the owner of this shop.. You can get it when up to 6 people dine-in together.. The portion is quite big even shared with 8 people.. @_@
P/S: Thank you boss! =)

Tteokbokki RM 10 (S), RM 19 (L)
As we always know, rice cakes is a MUST in every korean restaurant we dine-in.. It is rice cakes served with hot sauce and generous amount of assorted vegetables.. I can say that different shop will have different taste.. This dish is not bad compared with others.. The remaining of vegetables can be eaten with rice too!! AND it's not too spicy.. ^_^

Fried Dumplings RM 10 (7 pieces), RM 19 (14 pieces)
Dumplings which are stuffed with minced pork.. It is best to consume when dip with their special sauce.. Nevertheless, I still do prefer gyoza from Sushi Tei..


Assorted side dishes..

Bean sprouts.. 


Assorted vegetables..


Mineral Water RM 2
The COLD water is placed in a big glass bottle and can be shared with few people..

Aloe Juice RM 5
It is rich with aloe vera in it..

You may pay a visit to there:
-currently not available-
-currently not available-
Jalan 3 27a,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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