Maiu Japanese Ala Carte Buffet @ Sri Petaling

Friday, April 18, 2014

I heard about it from one of my friends in the college. Our friend mentioned that there have unlimited free flow of SALMON SASHIMI!!
This definitely attracts me as I’m a big fan of Japanese food, especially SALMON!
Maiu is an ALA CARTE style in Japanese cuisine buffet.
It simply means that we can order all the ala carte dishes which usually can be seen in normal Japanese restaurant, but at here it is UNLIMITED!

It is located at Sri Petaling and near to the workshops. We parked the car near Baskin Robin (another street from Maiu) because the parking slots in front of Maiu were fully occupied.

It is usually fully seated during weekdays or weekends. So, we booked few days before visited here.

The shop is not very wide but able to fit big groups of family.

The services were good too. The staffs were friendly and efficient in serving food (during lunch session).

The food is served upon ordered. This will help them to maintain the food quality and freshness in it. To be honest, their food is up to par, where some of their dishes are better than other sushi restaurant like Sakae Sushi or Sushi King.
HOWEVER, if there is any leftover food, you will be charged according to GRAMS.

The moment we sat down, one of the staff came and gave us a piece of leaflet and pencil. We ‘ticked’ the dishes that we want before returned it to the staff.

Actually I was so hungry at that moment where I’ve wanted to order all the food at there, but I was stopped by him as we can’t finish the food. à ><!
There are too many choices for us to decide, so I browsed through everything and ticked which dishes are famous and unique. (I mean unique name)

Then, they served a plate of WASABI and utensils for each of us.

Kaki Tofu Fried
Tofu is deep fried and served with mayonnaise and sprinkle of chopped onion. The softness of the tofu was just right and a little sweet.
For tofu lover, this is one of the best dishes ever!! *recommended*

P/S: I’m a tofu lover! *yay!*

Salmon Skin Salad
Varieties of vegetables, fried salmon skin and Japanese Roasted Sesame Seed Sauce are mixed in a bowl!! I was captivated by the fragrance of the sauce.
I love the sauce so much!!

And, the fried salmon skin was very crunchy and delicious.

Sashimi : Salmon Sashimi, Shiro Maguro Sashimi, Maguro Sushi
Here it is the UNLIMITED free flow of SASHIMI!
I personality think that this salmon sashimi is much better than the one I had in Jogoya. The salmon was thick and still fresh when served. The salmon is best dipped with wasabi and soy sauce!
This quality is similar to Sushi Tei, but of course, Sushi Tei does serve better sashimi and the price is different too.

And then, I saw there was a boat of sashimi served to other customers!!
I was like “wow! I want to have that too!!”, but we can’t finish the boat of sashimi when we want to try other dishes too.

By the way, the red tuna was a disappointment where it was not fresh at all.

Itako Kyuli
It was a disappointment where Idako (Japanese Squid) served was not fresh, small in size and smelled like chemical. *No no!*

Chuka Kurage
I usually will order this dish at other Japanese restaurant but at here, it was a disappointment too. It smelled like chemical. *NO!!*

It is known as ‘pregnant fish’. It tasted so so only. It was fried, but somehow it tasted moist in it. *weird* It was definitely not my choice.

Beef Negi
The beef was wrapped with one kind of vegetables (opps~ I forgot the name) and BBQ it with their special sauce. The beef is matched perfectly with their special sauce. One of my favorite too!! *recommended*

Salmon Shioyaki
The salmon cooked was tender and fresh. I applied some lemon on top of the fish which make it more delicious. I ordered this dish for few times. *recommended*

Saba Syioyaki
Smoky salmon served with a quarter of lemon. The salmon served was so fresh and delicious, and it doesn't bring any fishy smell in it. *recommended*

Chicken Katsu Curry
Fried chicken topped with potato and curry sauce. The fried chicken was tender and crunchy at the outer layer (chicken skin) of it and the curry was not spicy. It’s just a normal dish, but worth a try.

Chicken Gyoza
At first, I thought the gyoza looks like the one I had in Sushi Tei. Somehow, it looked like small dumpling where we can get in wantan noodles.

The taste was not bad when dipped with wasabi and sweet sauce (own preference)

Onion Ring
Deep fried onion rings topped with mayonnaise. Although usually eat this, but I will never get bored of this dish!! *recommended*

Salmon Hand Roll
Fresh cut salmon is topped with fried crunchy flour, cucumber, vinegar rice and wrapped with crispy seaweed. It is best to eat once arrive as the seaweed will soften after awhile.

Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll
The soft shell crab is deep fried and wrapped with vinegar rice and crispy seaweed, then topped with mayonnaise and Ebiko (salmon roe).

One of my favourite foods in Sushi Tei Pavilion KL!! *recommended*

First line: Salmon Gunkan Mayo Sushi, Maguro Sushi, Salmon Sushi, Wasabi Ebiko Sushi
Second line: Inari Tuna Mayo Sushi, Ebiko Sushi

Varities of sushi served on a plate. As usual, the thick salmon was served freshly wrapped with vinegar rice. 
Wasabi Ebiko sushi tasted like real wasabi @_@ *no jokes*
 Generous amount of ebiko (salmon roe) was served on every piece of sushi.

If eat this plate of sushi in any other Japanese restaurant, it already cost almost more than what you paid in Maiu.

Crunchy Salmon Maki
The maki was so crunchy and topped with salmon and ebiko.

One of our favourite too!! It is better than Soft Shell Crab Maki. *recommended*

Soft Shell Crab Maki
Deep fried soft shell crab maki wrapped with rice and seaweed and topped with ebiko. Soft Shell Crab was crunchy and warm when served. *recommended*

Green Tea Ice-cream & Chocolate Ice-cream
The softness of the ice-cream was just right.
It had strong chocolate taste in it. Meanwhile, the green tea ice-cream topped with red bean was the best combination!

"I ♥ Green Tea"

We ate till we can’t move. *lol* We skipped our dinner, which means ate a meal only for the whole day.
It’s definitely an affordable place to dine-in for unlimited ala carte style.
One of the best Japanese Ala Carte Buffet ever!! *recommended*
Apart from the buffet, they also do serve bento and other menu set at normal price.

You may pay a visit to here.
Address: No. 39-1, G Jalan Radin Anum 2, Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03 9057 5017
Wifi: Yes


  1. I'm going for the lunch buffet there tomorrow XD nice to see a review for it. I'm trying the recommended ones, especially kaki tofu :33 looks delicious ~

    1. Hi :)
      Thank you so much!! :D yeup I loved the 'kaki tofu' so much. Hopefully it will not let you down. btw how was it? any of the food that you like at there? :D

  2. Thanks for your MAIU restaurant review. I'll go someday.

  3. Been there, bad quality sashimi, so so cooking. But for that price, I shouldn't complain? Price vs Quality, I'll definitely choose quality every time! After all, we are what we eat.