That Latte Place (part 1) @ Persiaran Ritchie, Off Jalan Ampang Hilir, Kuala Lumpur

Friday, April 11, 2014

That Latte Place
We were curious to know how delicious it is when saw lots of people talking about it.
We were using maps/GPS as we are still new to the road. However, we went to the wrong destination and fortunately there were guard house around. So we went to ask at one of the guard house.

Thank you for the direction from guard at there, we finally arrived to here.

At first, we reached in front of the Yayasan Seni Art Centre and thought we were lost again. After awhile, we saw there were few people at the courtyard. So we went in.

That Latte Place is located beside Yayasan Seni Art Centre and near to Gleneagles.

Parking slots are limited. Fortunately, there’s more parking available outside the Yayasan Seni.
We waited awhile to get the parking slot even though we arrived quite early.

There was a group of kindergarten’s students at the ‘batik’ courtyard near to Yayasan Seni Art Centre. They were painting the batik and placed it under the hot sun to dry it fast.

It is an open area shop where diner can dine-in while enjoying the scenery.

Cake Section

Promotion @ RM 15 !

We ordered our food at the counter, and then he/she passed a pot of flower with numbers on top to me. So, we have to wait for the food to arrive.

There’s limited seats as the places will be crowded at any time. *come early*

Complimentary sky juice and cutlery corner are provided too. *FOC*

There are some seasoning and sauces available on the table. *self-service*

Here's our orders.

Hearty Egg Breakfast RM 18
It is served with chicken sausages, hash brown, scrambled eggs with mushroom, tomatoes, lettuce, baked beans, roasted potato and toast.
It’s one of their favorite dishes!

I love to eat hash brown and mushroom!! *recommended*

Egg Benedict RM 18
Double poached eggs, chicken ham and sautéed mushrooms are served on homemade brioche toast and covered by signature Hollandaise sauce with fresh salad and roasted potatoes as side dishes.
For me, the poached egg tasted like normal half cooked egg. But I do like the concept of pouched eggs placed on the chicken ham.

AND then, I do love to eat their sauteed mushrooms with chicken ham!  

Cappuccino RM 9
To be honest, I ordered it just for the art. It tasted bitter at first.

Tea (English Breakfast) RM 6
It is served in a pot and a white classy cup.

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese RM 9
The cream cheese tasted good but not to the sponge cakes itself. The cake was very moist and not cold enough. It makes the cake tasted awful. It was a disappointment to us.
Hopefully they will make changes toward it.

The ambiance at there was very relaxing and expose to nature.
It makes me think nothing but to enjoy the nature with a cup of coffee.

I will definitely come back again!

By the way, they will be moving on 27th April, 2014 ><!
Visit them before it's too late. 

Instagram : @loveeatshop94

Address: 333, Persiaran Ritchie, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Hours: 9am - 5pm (Tuesday - Sunday)
Phone: 016 850 3546
Wifi: No

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