Gourmet Hotdog Cafe @ PV128

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Recently found a new shop operated around Genting Klang..  Before that, I saw few pictures of hotdogs.. It's not like usual hotdogs, but those meat and ingredients are mixed together and served with bread and side dishes.. I wonder how does it taste like.. There's my curiosity begin >_<!!

It's located at PV128, which is near to Tappers.. and it's easy to reach there too, either by public transport (bus) or car..
At there, there do served beverages, meat and veggies!! It's definitely a HALAL restaurant! *wink*

It is convenient and suitable to have a break after a stressful day as the place is cool and quiet..

It has a BOOK EXCHANGE corner too! 

"Give a book... Get a book!", they said..

The staff at there are friendly.. A good service will always attract customer to dine-in again..
It makes my day! =) *smile*
As I remember, I'd asked few questions via FB, and they replied efficiently..
They even have a look at my blog and motivates me as I'm still a new blogger!! *motivated*
After awhile, I had ordered some dishes.. Here you go.. =)

The Memphis Blue - Ala Carte RM 10.50 / Meal RM 12.90
It's chicken banger served with sauteed caramelized onions, coriander, BBQ sauce, gouda cheese and finished up by using poppy seed bun as the outer layer..

The Alexa - Ala Carte RM 10.50 / Meal RM 12.90
It's GHC falafel log in between the poppy seed bun and on top of it has chopped salad mix, tomato salsa, guacamole, light sour cream.. It's a VEGETARIAN hotdogs!!

The NYCheese - Ala Carte RM 12.50 / Meal RM 14.90
Chicken banger, Beigian gouda cheese, monterey jack cheese, mozzarella cheese, candied breakfast chicken, sauteed caramelized onions and poppy seed bun..
It's definitely for CHEESE lover, like me >_<!! and the staff was generous because usually we can choose 2 side dishes, but on that day the staff gave me 3 side dishes, 1 of it as a complimentary..

The Classic Chicago - Ala Carte RM 11.50 / Meal RM 13.90
It has beef banger, Beigian gouda cheese, monterey jack cheese, mozzarella cheese, candied breakfast beef, sauteed caramelized onions and poppy seed bun..
I love this dish!! The tender of the hotdogs is just right >_<!!

Side Dishes
Fries RM 3.90
I love the fries! *like* It is fried perfectly and served hot.. I was not able to stop myself from eating it continuously.. Even my friend likes it too!

Mashed Potato RM 3.50
It taste similar to the mashed potato which sell at GSC, Maggie flavor.. *yummy!*

Coleslaw RM 3.00
It's a good healthy starter before any meal is served..

Banana Chocolate Milkshakes (special order) RM 8.90
It's freshly made with generous amount of banana and richness of chocolate in it.. It's smooth and rich in flavor.. *LIKE!!*

Ice Lemon Tea
It's served with honey too!! Definitely a refreshing drinks especially during hot weather..

Peach Chocolate Cake
Every layer is differentiated by sponge cakes and cream, and the outer later is coated with chocolate and peach.. It is served with chocolate rice, whipped cream + chocolate..

Blueberry Cake
Chocolate sponge cake with whipped cream and blueberry on top of it..
It's a complimentary cake from the staff!! *generous*
P/S: Thank you! =)

Student: 10% discount
FB check-in: 3% discount for check-in and additional 1% check-in after the first one..

They're having promotion now which offer you to MALDIVES (5 days trip for 2 people)!!
You just need to spend RM50 in a single receipt to participate to stand a chance to win it..

Lunch Offers!! 
Just RM 9.90 for a set of meal (ala carte hotdogs, Ice Lemon Tea, side salad)..

Coffee & Cakes Special
Enjoy a mug of coffee and a delicious slice of cake for only RM 9.90!!
Valid between 3pm till 7pm.. It's applicable to any dessert from the confectionary counter..

Promotions for PV Residents!!
Special PV discount 30% by showing your PV resident access card to redeem it..
Discount offered on all menu items.. It's till 15th November.. Dine-in before it's too late! 

Btw, I heard that there's new dishes on the menu!! Lamb chop? The Hunger Busta Burger? I wanna try it soon! >_<

You may pay a visit to there :
Business Hour:
11am - 11pm (daily)
37, PV128, Jalan Genting Klang,
Setapak, Kuala Lumpur,
Yes (super fast)


  1. Cool post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about GHC.

    1. Thank you and welcome too! ^_^ looking forward to try new dishes too!! =D