Steam N Grill Burger (Food Review)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Recently, dine-in to another burger restaurant.. and it was my FIRST TIME FOR FOOD REVIEW!! I felt so happy when I received invitation from them..
The shop is located beside Signature Hotel and above Affin Bank (Block J) in Setiawalk.. cuz there's many blocks at there, which similar to Sunway Giza, but this is much more bigger @_@
and there's a staircase which leads to SteamNGrill shop..

The shop is specialized in Malaysian + Western cuisine..
It is operating on 'self-service' basis..
You'll be given a device while waiting for the food to be served.. It will 'buzz' when it's prepared so that we can take our meals..

"buzz~ buzz~"

The manager is very friendly and introduced many dishes to us..
The services at there are good too! *thumbs up*

The Buns
The bun is either steam or grill.. It is 100% natural yeast with NO PRESERVATIVE & COLORING.. It comes with Charcoal, Wholemeal, Original and Spinach..
Definitely a healthy way to eat! *thumbs up*

It has 5 choices : chicken, fish, vegetarian, Otak-otak and BEEF!!

Otak-otak Burger RM 16 (set meal)
Otak-otak with lemon butter, white wine and original bun..
The otak-otak is from Muar.. I'm not really a fans of Otak-otak, BUT I've given it a try..
It taste like NASI LEMAK, not kidding!! It makes me wanted to eat more and more.. I'm seriously impressed by this dish.. and a MUST-TRY burger too ^_^ *recommended*

Serunding Beef Burger RM 19 (set meal)
Beef with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and charcoal bun..
It was cooked by Malay chef as they're more professional in preparing it.. The beef was cut into slices, which is known as "serunding beef"..  This is a MUST-MUST-TRY burger! *recommended*

Sambal Beef Burger RM 16.50 (set meal)
Beef with sambal, onion, lettuce, CHEESE and wholemeal bread..
Quite impressed that the sauce was replaced by "sambal".. Usually the "sambal" is available in "Nasi Lemak".. Now they have invented into burger as the sauce of it.. One of their MUST-TRY dish..
P/S: It's S.P.I.C.Y.

Chicken Satay Burger RM 15 (set meal)
Chicken breast with lettuce, cheese and special homemade burger with spinach bun..
The satay sauce was delicious.. The chicken meat was tender enough! It is definitely a nice dish to try..

Tom Yam Spaghetti RM 12.90 (Promotion for LIMITED TIME ONLY at RM 8.88)
Spaghetti with tomyam paste, slices of chicken and celery.. This is one of their new dish in the menu just for RM 8.88!! and it comes with a FREE mineral water too.. The spiciness and flavor of tomyam is just right! It's definitely worth a try!!
and I LOVE SPICY FOOD !! ^_^

It comes with every set meal of burger.. 

 Cheese and wasabi sauce! *yumm!!*

By the way, I've won this dish for FREE via their Facebook contest as their new menu was not available to the public before.. cuz Facebook fans have the privilege to try first!!
Come and faster 'SHARE' their post in order to win other FREE dishes!!

they even have FREE DELIVERY with purchase above RM 50..

P/S: Do mention my blog name "LoveEatShop" to entitle 20% DISCOUNTS till 28th February at SteamNGrill !!

You may pay a visit to there..
Business Hour:
11.30am - 11.30pm (Tuesday - Thursday)
10am - 11pm (Friday - Sunday)
J-03A-1, Setiawalk,
Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong,
43300 Puchong New Village
 Selangor, Malaysia
019-711 9722 / 03-5880 4191

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